zondag 23 mei 2010

Sunday, Sunny Sunday

Hey :)!

It's so sunny today! I've been wearing my bikini all day, trying to get a little tan. It's not really working out yet, but I have the whole summer ahead of me.

Just put on my new dress. It's so comfy, I love it! It also suits me very well and I think that I can wear it whenever I want to. That's what makes a good dress.

I have a big party tonight! It's going to be amazing! I hope I don't get toooo tipsy, because a lot of my friends will be there and I don't want to do embarrasing things hehe. I'm going to my friend in a minute to dress up. I'll take pics and post them tomorrow!

I'm also going to post something about London & Milan, because my dear friend Darya (Cherbins) wants to hear about that. I'll also add some pictures :).

Anyways, I realized that because of school, work and friends I don't have a lot of time to take pictures anymore. I really should figure out a way to make time for that, because I really want to show you guys some outfits!

Stay tuned :)!


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