dinsdag 15 juni 2010


Hey there :)

I'm so tired. I've had nothing but exams today! I'm talking about the ESOL Examinations, aka Cambridge Exam.
I felt so relieved when I walked out of the exam room..
First we had reading. Well, that was a piece of cake for me.
Second: Writing. That was quite hard, because you needed a certain amount of words (in part 1 I couldn't reach the minimun and in part 2 I couldn't get underneath the maximum..).
The third part was Use of English. Again- piece of cake.
And finally, the fourth one: listening. It's absurd that that's the last one, cuz it's quite hard to concentrate after such a long day. But anyhow, it worked out, and now all I have to do is wait until July 30th to find out if I passed.

I'll take pictures soon.
I hope this is enough for now:

It's D & G spring.
I love the skirt :).


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